e-AAM™ Hybrid and Electric Driveline Systems
Advancing Electric Drive

Advancing Electric Drive
At AAM, we are Advancing Electric Drive.  e-AAM™ hybrid and electric drive technology was developed to meet the need to combine exceptional vehicle performance with improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions. We assembled a team with engineering and OEM backgrounds who had a “nothing is impossible” attitude and a passion for defining the future of this new technology.

Our technology delivers clear OEM advantages in power density, modularity, and flexibility in software and controls.

Power Density
e-AAM™ hybrid and electric driveline systems are built around an electric motor and integrated power box unit (PBU) that connects with the high-voltage battery to deliver electrification to the vehicle. Our smallest units contain an electric motor that is just 165 mm wide and only 95 mm long, but provides as much as 115 kilowatts (kW) / 155 horsepower (HP). And that is just our smallest motor. Our systems are also able to recover that energy while braking to ensure maximum fuel savings.

Integration is made simple for OEMs, as minimal vehicle modifications are needed because of e-AAM’s modular design. By simply increasing the length of the electric motor, we can deliver more power to the axle—with minimum modifications to the system architecture or vehicle structure. This provides our customers with a unique bandwidth and economy of scale for production.

We have developed a modular system with variable building blocks that can be changed to adapt to various OEM specifications. Examples of these building blocks include: air or liquid cooled motor, motor power and torque, number of gears, disconnect, park lock and torque vectoring. By choosing different blocks, e-AAM™ technology cover electrification of the driveline from hybrids up to a fully electric vehicles.

Software and Controls
Beyond the component-level intelligence needed to integrate e-AAM™ hybrid and electric driveline systems into a vehicle, we provide vehicle-level controls to the OEM to allow a full range of customization. Our team’s background allows us to bring a complete solution to our OEM customers, allowing for as much or as little software integration as needed.

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